Our Values:

INTEGRITY"The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles"
PROFESSIONALISM"The key to quality and efficiency is professionalism"
COMMITTED"Pledged or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated"
INCLUSION & DIVERSITY"Being included within a group or structure,Equality and diversity should be supported"
INNOVATION"Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization"
COMMUNICATION"The imparting or exchanging of information"
COMMUNICATION"The ongoing improvement of products, services or processesthrough incremental and breakthrough improvements"

Our Executives

Stewart Ferguson


Margi Marchant


Alison Bensley

Managing Director

Danie Barnard

Chief Operations Officer

Zita Da Silva

Khumo Konjolwalo

Finance Administrator

Noele Safar

Technical Manager
Project Assistant

Armand Aylward

Ricardo De Sousa

Heinrich Smit

Technical Team Leader
Implementation Team Leader
Consultant Team Leader

Leon Vieira

Travis McMean


Stephan Fourie


Mbali Ndaba

Dowayne Meek

Jnr Developer
Jnr Developer