Accounting and Finance

Eliminate paper to speed up accounting and finance processes

Speed up your finance and accounting processes by adding OnBase to your organisation. OnBase promotes faster inter-departmental processing, better decision-making and allows other departments and locations to share critical information.

And, with ShareBase by Hyland, you can easily and securely share your financial documents with auditors, creditors, and other third parties to speed processing even further. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to share financial records automatically as part of the financial close solution, regardless of whether recipients have access to OnBase.


Accounts payable (AP) automation software increases the efficiency of your AP department

In accounts payable departments, invoices and other documents constantly roll in from different locations and in different formats, making the capture and organization of vital information a real challenge.

With the OnBase Accounts Payable Solution, your AP department achieves faster, more precise invoice processing. No matter how you receive invoices – fax, mail, email, EDI, etc. – the OnBase accounts payable automation solution captures, organises and delivers those documents, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review, coding and approval.

Accessing and taking action on invoices and supporting documents instantly becomes much simpler with AP automation. With OnBase, users:

  • Retrieve invoices, goods receipts, vendor contracts and more directly from familiar ERP applications
  • Review and approve invoices directly from Microsoft Outlook or mobile devices (such as iPad, iPhone, Windows or Android devices)
  • Balance workload distribution with visibility into the real-time status of invoice processing

Additionally, OnBase data capture automates the extraction of data contained in invoices to automate formerly manual tasks like:

  • Posting required information in accounting applications
  • Routing data to the appropriate business units for review

And, with ShareBase by Hyland, securely share invoices, purchase orders, and other documentation with vendors and creditors to speed processing even further. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to share relevant files automatically as part of the accounts payable solution, inside and outside of your organisation and regardless of whether recipients have access to OnBase.

Ready to learn more? Contact OnBase by Hyland and speak with an OnBase expert to find out how you can revolutionise your AP processes.


Improve receivables management and reduce accounts receivable days sales outstanding with OnBase

Combining data capture technologies with centralised content management software empowers the accounts receivable department to process and review critical documentation faster. With OnBase AR solutions, manual data entry is turned into automated data updates throughout your systems and scattered, inaccessible documents and data becomes centralised receivables management. Staff members devoted to data entry are then suddenly available and empowered to focus on higher value tasks, such as customer service. OnBase also improves process management and tracking, allowing managers to gain visibility into the entire accounts receivable cycle.

“With OnBase, we’ve seen drastic DSO improvement – we save $200,000 annually. Staff now spend more time on deduction audits and service. They focus on tasks that bring dividends.” Jim Derrick, IS manager, Central Services – Applications, Bush Brothers and Company

Benefits of OnBase AR Solutions

OnBase can improve many processes in the order to cash cycle, including

  • Contract Management: Streamline creation and review of customer contracts and store them in one, central location for amendments and contract lifecycle management.
  • Sales order processing and fulfillment: OnBase automatically identifies and extracts order information and sends it into your order management and accounting systems.
  • Billing: OnBase captures created invoices directly from your ERP, links them to related documents, such as proof of delivery documents, and makes them instantly accessible to customers.
  • Dispute resolution:  OnBase centralises all documents associated with a given account, for easy, instant access, even from a mobile device or directly from your accounting system speeding resolution and ultimately reducing accounts receivable days sales outstanding.
  • Payment processing: OnBase automatically extracts and validates remittance and check information, posts payment information to your accounting systems and creates Image Cash Letters (ICLs) for simple, electronic deposit.
  • Process management and tracking: With automated workflow and reporting capabilities, management gains insight into staff workloads, open invoice distribution and payment processing.

Increase visibility, automate employee tasks within your financial statement closing process

Optimise your month-end financial close process to increase visibility, decrease costs

In many accounting departments, the monthly accounting close process means the onset of hurried employees tracking down data, pleading for analysis and pouring over spreadsheets. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With OnBase by Hyland’s financial close solution, organisations gain easy access to real-time financial information.

Increases confidence in close completeness

By reducing manual tasks with OnBase, organisations:

  • Increase the speed and accuracy of the financial close, ensuring all tasks are completed on time or ahead of schedule
  • Make better, more informed decisions because staff have all needed documentation to perform required tasks
  • Have the time each month to make necessary adjustments or decisions

Empowers continuous improvement

The flexibility of OnBase lets you make steady and sustainable improvements in manageable increments, so you don’t disrupt monthly financial close processes.

By enabling business agility, accounting departments:

  • Focus on more value-added tasks like strategic planning
  • Maximise the utilisation of employees
  • Support organisational growth with the same amount of resources

Reduces costs

OnBase eliminates manual entry and tracking of financial close tasks with multiple spreadsheet-based checklists and emails. As a result, organisations:

  • Eliminate the need for overtime and temporary staff
  • Provide a better work environment, allowing employees to effectively balance workloads
  • Speed up employee training and onboarding

Speed up the purchasing process with OnBase for purchase requisitions

The OnBase Purchase Requisition solution streamlines the purchasing process. OnBase can route purchasing information to managers and your procurement team for approval, changes or denial, and even include charge code entry capabilities. Since OnBase integrates with ERP systems  – including SAP®, Lawson®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle, JD Edwards and Dynamics – all purchasing data can be automatically entered for the creation of purchase orders. In addition, the OnBase Purchase Requisition solution allows you to store electronic copies of all documents so they can be accessed at any time directly from your company’s ERP.

By providing your staff with instant access to the information they need – including price quotations, invoices, proposals and more – without leaving their familiar application, processing and problem solving is sped up considerably. Purchasing is quicker, easier and more accurate. Overall, the preparation put into an accurate purchasing cycle will result in fewer problems and a more manageable invoice processing cycle.


Link documents and vendor profiles for streamlined vendor management

OnBase Vendor Management solutions streamline the process of creating and updating your Accounts Payable vendor records. More importantly, it can manage all of the documents associated with that vendor, creating a single, centralised view of all vendor information.

With OnBase, vendors can submit their own onboarding information into an online electronic form. Once submitted, OnBase kicks off an automatic workflow that routes the form to needed employees for review and approval. Once approved, this information can then be posted directly to your vendor master file in your ERP. Throughout the process, OnBase also manages checklists for required documents and sends automated emails to vendors missing information. By allowing you to manage both the data and documents together as a single electronic transaction, OnBase can dramatically improve the visibility and control you have over the vendor management process.

OnBase also integrates with popular ERP systems – including SAP®, Lawson®, PeopleSoft®, Oracle, JD Edwards and Dynamics – meaning that the Vendor Management solution can be coupled with any of these systems. OnBase transmits data to these systems using their native integration adapters, eliminating costly, customised solutions.

Since OnBase integrates with your ERP screens, staff have instant access to the documents they need, when they need them – including contracts, correspondences, quotes, invoices, purchase orders and more. Without leaving their familiar line-of-business application, speeding up research and inquiries. All relevant documents can be pulled up directly from within you Vendor Master screens.


Human Resources

Solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM) Software

Helping HR manage the employee lifecycle with HCM Software

OnBase by Hyland maximises employees’ abilities to perform administrative tasks, access information and kick off HR approval processes.

Start with the solutions you need right now, like the ability to electronically store and retrieve documents, and leverage them across your department as time, budget and goals permit. Once you start optimizing processes, extend your OnBase solution to automate other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-offs and employee onboarding.

Connects with human capital management (HCM) systems, speeding up processes

OnBase integrates with organisation’s human capital management (HCM) systems, allowing HR staff to retrieve employee documents and data without leaving their familiar interface.

By offering instant access to information via HCM software applications, OnBase:

  • Minimises user training requirements
  • Enables HR to provide better service by rapidly responding to employee requests
  • Allows personnel to focus on high-value initiatives like employee retention and professional development

Eliminates forms and creates transparent, faster processes

Managing employees is vital to the success of any company. OnBase helps organisations achieve their goals by automating tasks and providing a central place to track key human resources processes like evaluations, vacation requests and forms-based tasks.

With OnBase, you replace manual processing, automate routing and track approvals so HR management is seamless, secure and fast.


OnBase helps speed the hiring process from recruitment to offer letter

By capturing, storing, and routing applicant files electronically, OnBase frees recruiters from paper-based, manual processes, allowing recruiters to focus on finding the best candidates for open positions.

Captures and stores applicant information

OnBase captures and stores applications and resumes as they are received, whether it’s received by paper or electronically. With that applicant information centrally located, everyone on the HR team has access to all the information they need, when they need it, to make smarter hiring decisions.

And when OnBase is integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), access to all of your information becomes even easier. Now your employees never have to leave the HRIS to access OnBase. They can work in the system they already know and enjoy.

Routes information for quick decisions

After information is captured, OnBase electronically sorts and instantly distributes applications and resumes to the right staff. It can also assist with scheduling interviews and sending correspondence. This allows recruiters to spend more time identifying the best candidate for the job, and less time organising paperwork and supporting documentation to begin the search in the first place.

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, OnBase creates consistent offer letters with document templates, routes them through approvals, and tracks changes by managers so your organisation can get the offer letter out faster than the competition.

Provides visibility and security into the process

OnBase also provides visibility into the entire process, from recruitment to offer letter. Because hiring managers can easily access and review information in OnBase, they get a better understanding of which positions need to be filled, the applicants under consideration for those positions, and where recruitment stands in the process.

By alerting recruiters when there is information missing in a candidate’s electronic file, OnBase ensures the candidate’s application and other documentation is not lost in the process. And OnBase allows you to determine who can see applicant information, ensuring that you remain compliant throughout the process.


Accelerate and improve employee onboarding

OnBase by Hyland gives HR personnel the tools they need to better manage the employee onboarding process and provide new staff with as smooth a transition as possible.

Through automation, increased visibility and centralised information management, OnBase supports effective onboarding and ultimately improves the service HR provides to new employees – ensuring they are ready for work on day one.

Support improved onboarding processes

For HR departments, the OnBase solution for employee onboarding:

  • Provides a holistic view of all related information in a single location
  • Enables staff to easily track the entire employee onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments
  • Improves the service HR provides to new employees, ensuring they are ready for work on day one.

Enhances employee service by increasing onboarding efficiency

It is critical that, from day one, new employees feel comfortable and well-prepared to do their jobs.

By completing the onboarding process efficiently and accurately, organizations:

  • Provide new employees with a positive first experience in their new job
  • Monitor the status of the onboarding process through each step
  • Better equip new staff with the tools they need to positively contribute to the company from their first day on the job

Enhance user access with employee file management software

OnBase by Hyland enables HR departments to better manage employee files, equipping personnel with secure, instant access to critical employee information.

Using OnBase employee file management software, organisations store employee documents electronically in one central location, reducing the time spent searching for information while increasing security and supporting compliance initiatives.

With OnBase, HR staff:

  • Capture and store employee files electronically, whether they’re scanned, faxed or emailed
  • Retrieve employee documents and data without leaving their related line-of-business system such as ERPs, human resources information systems (HRIS) and human capital management (HCM) systems
  • Provide better service by rapidly responding to employee requests

Ensure security of employee files and data, strengthen compliance

With all employee files managed electronically in OnBase, organisations ensure that critical employee information is secure.

OnBase also helps HR departments to:

  • Control who has access to the HR system and what they can do
  • Instantly determine compliance standing with real-time reporting into the status of required employee documentation
  • Facilitate effective document retention in accordance with federal, state or local employment policies

Empower your managers with manager self service

Many organisations have implemented the Ulrich HR operating model, in which HR Shared Services, HR Business Partners and an HR Centre of Excellence replace local or departmental HR activity. As a result, managers are now in the front line of HR, supported by Business Partners. They deliver business benefits through the best use of their people, and participate in everything from recruitment to termination, from performance management to compensation, from holiday approval to absence management.

The more adept managers become, the more HR Business Partners are freed to perform their strategic role, and the fewer the demands made of HR Service and Call Centres. As the scope for error reduces, the accuracy of HR data improves.

To read about our solution in more detail click here


Solutions for Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Support HR compliance with electronic policies and procedures administration

With OnBase by Hyland, HR departments efficiently create, distribute and track employee acknowledgement of policies and procedures, helping ensure HR compliance while reducing associated administrative tasks such as filing, copying and mailing documents.

Effectively manage policy creation, approval and distribution

OnBase enables organisations to streamline policy creation and approval by automatically tracking all updates and revisions.

With an easy-to-use interface, HR staff:

  • Quickly send email notifications containing links to policies in OnBase to the entire workforce or specific groups
  • Make policy revisions directly in OnBase, simultaneously notifying all affected employees, accelerating distribution
  • Enforce timely acknowledgment while reducing the risk of errors or oversights

Support HR compliance initiatives while ensuring employee acknowledgements

OnBase centrally stores all policy documents, training videos and other supporting content. As a result, HR staff:

  • Improve employee access to crucial information
  • Facilitate easy employee review and acknowledgement
  • Automatically track employee acknowledgment and identify any delinquencies
  • Easily notify individuals of noncompliance and resolve any issues prior to an external audit

Ready to learn more? Contact OnBase by Hyland and speak with an OnBase expert to find out how you can revolutionise the way you support HR compliance.


Solutions for Employee Offboarding Processes

Ensure proper offboarding with OnBase

Employee separation happens with all staff at some time. Whether it’s through resignation or termination, it’s critical HR staff effectively follow their organization’s employee termination processes.

Using OnBase, HR staff can automate the management of the termination process, including:

  • Ensure employee offboarding tasks are completed in a timely manner so proper systems and building access are removed
  • Notify Payroll with instructions about how to process final paychecks
  • Give Benefit’s staff instructions regarding what benefits will continue and for how long

Support improved offboarding processes

For HR departments, the OnBase solution for employee offboarding:

  • Enables staff to easily track the entire employee offboarding process and monitor tasks across departments
  • Ensures the separated employee no longer has access to the organisation’s applications, critical information and facilities
  • Provides a holistic view of all related information in a single location
  • Eliminates the cost of a custom integration with applications like human capital management (HCM) systems, easily connecting HR staff with the information needed to properly offboard employees
  • Decrease costs by reducing the paper and manual tasks associated with employee offboarding

Contract Management

Optimise contract lifecycle management by streamlining every step of the process

Gain better control over contract management while minimising risk. OnBase equips organisations to manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval to expiration and renewal, automating predictable steps while providing the information and tools personnel need to drive work forward.

With an OnBase contract management solution, you:

  • Securely capture and store contracts and supporting data and documents
  • Provide legal personnel with a 360-degree view of contract-related information, tasks, activities and correspondence
  • Automatically route contracts for review, approval and execution – even digital signature
  • Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals
  • Support compliance with a full audit trail of all interactions

OnBase provides a single, central location to store, track, collaborate and take action on all documents, data and tasks in the contract lifecycle. This gives legal departments complete visibility into the contract management process, from a history of interactions with data to a clear view of current work, upcoming obligations and expirations.

Benefits of OnBase for contract lifecycle management include:

  • Accelerating contract cycle times and reducing operating costs, minimising time spent searching for information and manually routing documents
  • Providing insight into contract status and staff workloads, equipping organisations to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Reducing the risk of missed expirations by proactively managing contract milestones
  • Minimising delays with remote and mobile access to contracts and approval tasks
  • Maximising existing investments by linking contracts to other systems of record

OnBase contract management solutions scale to support a variety of contract types – including vendor contracts, employment agreements and NDAs – and related processes, creating a lower cost of ownership and driving value organisation-wide.

And, with ShareBase by Hyland, you can easily and securely share contract versions, specifications, terms, and agreements with vendors, legal parties, and others helping speed the process along. The natural interaction between ShareBase and OnBase allows you to share relevant files automatically as part of the contract management solution, regardless of whether recipients have access to OnBase.


Case Management and Business Process Management

Manage knowledge-driven work and automate repeatable processes

On a single platform, OnBase provides case management and business process management (BPM) capabilities, empowering you to manage and improve both unstructured work and structured and repeatable processes.

An award-winning case management framework which supports dynamic (and often unpredictable), people-driven work with solutions in areas like service requests, incident management and investigations.

OnBase BPM capabilities include a highly configurable workflow engine that can automate and optimise repeatable business processes. In addition, OnBase can route documents, automate tasks and rules-based decisions, perform load balancing, send notifications and manage complex approval processes.


Claims Processing

Claims Processing presents complexities and added overhead to every insurance company in the market. With Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE) continuing to rise, claims costs continue to be a black hole for insurers. Time to decision has a direct correlation to claims leakage and increased costs, impacting reserves. Insurers must evaluate new and innovative approaches to claims handling. Improving transactional processing is at a critical stage, and resisting the use of work management technology in its claims divisions is no longer an option for insurers.

Expedite Property & Casualty claims processing

OnBase Insurance customers are ahead of the pack as they deploy OnBase workflow and OnBase case management solutions, and they have found that, in many cases, automating just one step saved 30 minutes of work in claims.

The OnBase Insurance Solution brings relief to a long-time challenge within claims departments and offers the ability to provide access to documents and information surrounding a claim, providing a single interface for all claims content, regardless of where it originated or of its format. Managing the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) can be managed from paper, fax, email, eNotice, phone call or any method, then streamlined into one process that can kick off the automation process from assignment of work, generation of acknowledgement letters, to Special Investigation through to settlement. OnBase customers who manage the FNOL tasks in OnBase have found staggering results in reducing the process which previously took days. Now new claims (submitted via web) are resolved in 24 hours.

To properly adjust a claim, adjusters must have access to all of the information pertaining to the incident. Quite often, the information required must be requested as part of the investigation. As such, the creation of correspondence and documentation of phone records, and so forth, becomes an integral part of the claims process. It also becomes increasingly difficult to manage whether the replies are received. Often information must be gathered from various sources, making a considerable amount of the process “task related”.

Benefits of OnBase’s claims management software solutions

The OnBase Insurance Solution provides the ability to easily access information and identify when required information is missing. Document creation allows for the automated or ad hoc generation of correspondence requiring specific legal wording or criteria-based generation. Pending task-related actions can be managed directly in OnBase with automated notifications built into the workflow to manage follow-up requests and diary alerts. Work distribution can be easily managed by authority levels, skill sets, type of claim or other business rules. Approval requirements can be managed throughout the process to ensure that internal controls are maintained. OnBase provides the ability to automate a significant number of manual repetitive tasks, freeing up adjusters to focus on high value tasks. OnBase Insurance customers who use OnBase Workflow have seen claims adjuster productivity increase by 150 per cent.

It is imperative that the adjuster has all the information pertinent to the claim in order to make timely, accurate decisions. This type of accuracy takes years of experience, so insurance companies must manage employees and various levels of authority. Claims handling procedures often detail what authority level and approvals are required to pay claims, especially those high-dollar or complex claims. OnBase solutions provide this type of flexibility and rules based distribution.

OnBase provides the ability to integrate with Claims Handling Systems such as Guidewire Claim Center, CSC, Accenture, and home grown AS400 Mainframe solutions, providing the ability to bring together data and content improving expediency and efficiency. The OnBase Case Manager is integrated with document management which brings the added value of allowing task management at the case level throughout the claims process. Additionally, providing documented audit trails of claim procedures for reinsurance auditors and internal quality control is standard functionality available to claims personnel.

OnBase provides Claim departments with the flexibility they require to overcome their reluctance to move to an automated environment. Claims handlers must have visibility into the current state of the process and be able to change authority levels or processing rules on a whim as needed. Claim volumes fluctuate on a daily basis and workflows need to be adjusted, reassigned and handled appropriately to ensure accurate, timely setting of reserves and to maintain service level standards. Claim processes are heavily regulated and hefty fines can be applied when processes are not accurately followed and payments are not made on time. Insurers using OnBase have reduced the administration of claims appeals by 2,000 hours per month, resulting in a significant reduction in claims expenses.



Make decisions on the go with OnBase Mobile for ECM

OnBase Mobile allows users to instantly retrieve information and data, enact business process decisions such as document approval, receive notifications and view status dashboards of the processes most important to them.

With the ability to capture and ingest photos into a database, OnBase Mobile users can complete and sign forms via touch screen, making decisions on the go and taking control of content management.

Continue mobile content management without Internet connectivity

OnBase Mobile takes access a step further, providing offline access to those who need it. Users can:

  • Take documents like contracts, process documentation and employee handbooks offline on an iPad to read when they have the time, without relying on an Internet or network connection.
  • Give field workers access to all the information they need, without any connection back to the office, through OnBase Briefcase. They can create, retrieve and update documents, complete forms and upload photos all while offline. Once online, OnBase automatically synchronises and reconciles all changes so information stays up to date.

Access information from your everyday applications

OnBase Mobile gives users quick access to information while on the go. This same information is instantly accessible when users are back in the office, too.

OnBase easily integrates the same processes, documents and data with the applications your employees use most, whether that’s Microsoft Outlook®, your ERP or home grown applications.

When your mobile workers lay down their devices and log on to the network and applications they use every day, they can pick up right where they left off.

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