Hyland OnBase

OnBase Overview

OnBase is a fully integrated Enterprise Content Services suite used by more than 10,000 mid-tier and Global 2000 enterprises to capture, route, manage, share and archive high volumes of corporate information critical to business operations, audits and customer service. Eliminating low-value manual tasks through core OnBase functionality such as document imaging, workflow and COLD/ERM and making all content instantly available from a single, easy-to-use interface increases employee productivity and operational efficiency.

OnBase Enterprise Content Services customers experience the following benefits:

Lower operating costs resulting from reducing overhead needed to support physical documents and reducing the labour required to complete critical business processes.
Greater collaboration fostered by simultaneous, secure, real-time access to content regardless of user locations.
Reduced cycle times as the delays and inefficiencies of manual processes are reduced/ eliminated.
Better support for governance, risk and compliance initiatives by enabling secure access to content, standardised business practices and retention of content based on internal policies, quality assurance standards or regulations.

Scalable across your organization – OnBase scales as requirements evolve, so you will never outgrow your OnBase system. Start in one department and grow your solution over time as needs and requirements change. Maintain speed and performance, even as you continue to expand and enhance your solution.